Best Cat Toys for Christmas

Every cat owner needs to be aware of the top cat toys available for this holiday season. Most people buy their felines a gift or two (or more!), so it is important that you know the best selling products. You want to get something your cat will enjoy playing with for a long while to make your investment worth it. Below are the best toys that your cat is sure to love.

Cat Trees

Cat trees are for active kitties that love to climb and scratch. The idea behind the tree is to provide cats with a place to exert their energy and natural instincts without ruining your furniture. Giving them something they enjoy clawing is likely to have them forgetting your possessions…which is sure to make a nice gift for you this Christmas!

The Molly and Friends “Loft and Round” Premium Handmade 2-Tier Cat Tree currently featured on Amazon’s “Spoiled Kitty” holiday gift list is sure to entertain your cats for hours. The tree is made with sisal, a strong material that cats just love to claw. There are also several spots for your pet to lounge in when he or she gets tired of all the playing and scratching.

Laser Toys

Lasers have always been known to entertaining your feline friends, especially kittens. It can even be interesting for you to watch your cat jump around and try to catch the light as it moves around on the floor. The funny thing is, many cats can play with such a toy for hours without getting bored!

The FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laser Pet Toy, found on Amazon’s Gift Guide for Christmas 2010, is among the top selling lasers on the market today. This toy can be used in manual mode, which allows you to control where the laser points, or automatic mode where the toy controls the movements. When the toy controls, it shoots the laser in a number of positions that will have your kitty bouncing and leaping to grab hold of the light.

Track Toys

Track toys are essentially toys that contain a track that a ball can roll around in. It may sound simple and boring to us humans, but to a cat, they cannot enough of swatting the ball through the track. Plus, they are getting their exercise with all the movement, so what better way to provide them with fun this holiday season?

The Bergan Turbo Track Cat Toy is another cat toy of Christmas 2010, as it also made Amazon’s Gift Guide in the pet section. This toy provides a track that can be reshaped in many different ways to provide different experiences for the cats playing with it. This helps to prevent boredom and allow the cat to explore various tracks all within the same toy.

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