Kill Fleas on Cats and Kittens

Fleas on cats are not only a nuisance, they can make your cats sick. Kittens may even die of anemia due to flea bites. Many chemicals made to kill fleas are effective, but they are also toxic and can make your cat sick. Kittens are especially vulnerable to chemicals.

You can safely use the method described here even on kittens younger than 12 weeks of age.

An easy, safe and effective way to kill fleas is by washing your cat or kitten with Dawn dishwashing liquid. It is mild and will not harm your pet, but will kill the fleas.

The kitchen sink can be a good place to do this, especially if your kitchen faucet has a spray nozzle. Using warm water, thoroughly wet the cat. If you immerse her, be careful not to let her head go under the water.

Be sure to keep the cat warm. Wrap the cat in a towel and only expose the portion of her body you are cleaning, or work under a heat lamp.

Rub the Dawn dishwashing liquid into the cat’s fur. Start at the head and work down the cat’s neck and body. Get the soap in as much of the cat’s fur as you can, taking care to keep the soap out of her eyes. Gently massage the Dawn into the cat’s coat, working up a lather.

Thoroughly rinse the soap out of the cat’s fur with warm water.

Dry the cat completely, taking care not to let her get cold.

A flea comb can help you get any remaining fleas off of your cat. Comb through her fur with a flea comb, being careful not to pull her fur or scratch her skin. Remove any fleas and kill them by crushing them or dropping them in a bowl of water with a film of Dawn detergent on top.

Remember that fleas will leave eggs and larvae behind, so you may need to repeat this treatment. You should also treat your house because the fleas and their eggs are not only on your pets.

Washing your cat or kitten with Dawn Dishwashing Liquid is a simple and safe way to kill the fleas that are tormenting her and you.

Image Copyright Julie Howell,
Used with permission.

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